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What is Synergy?

Synergy: The interaction of two or more parts to give rise to a single, stronger entity. Whether this model is applied to substances, people, or corporations, we cannot deny the powerful value collaboration brings to a community. Individual perspectives are the crux of progress that merge to form a holistic solution. Just by reimagining how we combine singular pieces of the puzzle, the new systems we create may be limitless.

TEDxUF’s 2021 Annual Conference is dedicated to showcasing the success we achieve just by harnessing the power of partnership and collaboration. As a hub for research and innovation, the University of Florida is now regarded as the top 6 public research university. This status is attributed to its many entities which make the whole. At TEDxUF 2021, delve deep into the minds behind entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and creativity in the Gainesville and UF community.

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