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At TEDxUF 2016, 10 speakers from various disciplines shared their ideas on how technology, entertainment or design can help us understand and reclaim our identities.

A former NFL player whose work with LBGT youth helped him accept his own sexuality. A former corporate climber who found true success only after letting go. A biologist whose vast evolutionary trees show us how interrelated we really are.

Attendees learned to dispel controversy with humor, un-internalize negative stereotypes and grow to appreciate “slacktivism.”


Tiphanie Raffegeau, Licensee

Erin Peace, Curator

Maria Estrada, Executive Director


Wade Davis II

Monekka Monroe

Jennifer Aponte

Kevin Folta

Douglas Soltis

Payal Khurana

Elif Ackali

Veronica Hernandez

Emma Humphries

Benny Torres

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