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We each have our own set of expectations. In the media, we expect truth; from ourselves, we expect the best; and from others, we expect the most.


At TEDxUF 2018, we explored the duality of our expectations, how our own personal experiences shape how we interpret our surroundings and the pressure we feel from society to conform to a preset ideal. The positive expectations build our goals, aspirations, and progress. Comparatively, we are met with the negative expectations rooted in stereotypes, bias, and assumptions.


Tiphanie Raffegeau, Licensee

Mina Robinson, Curator

Alex Camacho, Executive Director


Valeria Hernandez

Jared Feldman

Giancarlo Tejeda

Jennifer Rothschild

Rhonda Wilson

Benjamin Lok

Jared Feldman

Anna Grace Sampson

Gretchen Casey

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