Project Period Starts NOW

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Project Period is a drive created by TEDxUF to collect sanitary items for Grace Marketplace, a non-profit homeless shelter that offers support services and opportunities to those in need.

By donating pads, tampons and other sanitary items, we are creating awareness on an ignored problem in the spectrum of homelessness. People experiencing homelessness often have to make spending decisions on either food or pads, even though these are the basics for survival and well-being. We often take these items for granted, when people experiencing homelessness cannot guarantee that they will get enough of them, if any at all.

So, let’s do all we can to reach out and ensure that they’re getting what they need. Here’s how you can help.

You can donate:

·         Pads

·         Tampons

·         Diva cups

·         Menstrual cups

·         Any alternative to pads and tampons

And you can drop them off at any of these locations:

·         Curia on the Drag (2029 NW 6th St.)

·         Third House Books (113 N. Main St.)

·         TEDxUF Club Meetings (Jan. 30 and Feb. 27)

·         CORE Building (1441 Bledsoe Dr.)

·         The Agency at UF (2019 Weimer Hall)

If you have any questions, reach out to Isabella Pinzon at

Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.