Planting Trees With We Are Neutral (& Speaker Reveal!)


Last Sunday, our TEDxUF team volunteered as tree planters at Prairie Creek Preserve with We Are Neutral, a non-profit that partners up with Gainesville residents and businesses, supports tree plantings on local conservation lands and supports carbon reduction projects. We Are Neutral provides meaningful benefits to individuals and their communities, and their goal is to empower and educate people about what it means to be carbon neutral, as well as how it can realistically be practiced.

We at TEDxUF have been on board with what they stand We Are Neutral, as they have played an integral part in our events throughout the past. “We Are Neutral has made TEDxUF carbon neutral for the past four years, so to be able to plant the trees that offset our event was a priority for the team and I. There is nothing quite like making something so abstract, like carbon offsetting, feel so tangible,” TEDxUF curator Mina Robinson said.

Additionally, we are also excited to reveal that their director Anna Sampson will be speaking at this year’s conference on March 24! “I believe that we’re too creative and resourceful not to be successful in climate change. That being said, we can only improve what we can measure. I combine my passions of math and nature by calculating carbon footprints and creating carbon offsets that are responsible for tangible, meaningful and local change,” she said.