Meet This Year’s TEDxUF Curator: Mina Robinson


This year, the tenth anniversary of TEDxUF, we’re lucky to have Mina Robinson, a senior advertising major from Orlando, as the TEDxUF curator. Let’s get to know her better!

Q: How did you initially get involved with TEDxUF?

A: “When I came to UF and heard about TEDxUF, I instantly gravitated toward it and wanted to get involved. I had a friend during my freshman year who invited me to a TEDxUF club meeting, and I loved it so much that I stayed later. The team members who were there asked my friend and I if we wanted to be on the finance team, and I said yes, despite having no interest in numbers whatsoever. I loved the idea of TEDxUF and wanted to get my foot in the door.”

Q: How did you become curator?

A: “After being on the finance team for my freshman year, I spoke up about wanting to become marketing director for my sophomore year. And for my junior year, I stepped up as creative director. Ever since my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be curator one day. It was always my goal. And now, here we are — it’s a dream come true!”

Q: What do you think is the best part of TEDxUF?

A: “I see TEDxUF as a platform for Gainesville community members to share ideas and break out of their bubbles. We all tend to stay pretty limited in our day-to-day activities, and for students, they’re usually pretty focused on the happenings of their respective colleges. But with TEDxUF, we get speakers from all over, whether it’s a talk on fine arts or a talk on medicine. No matter what TEDxUF event you go to, you’re guaranteed to be exposed to something new. I love how you can watch a TED Talk on something you know nothing about, and you can walk away feeling like an expert.”

Q: What’s your favorite TED Talk?

A: “Right now, it’s 'Every piece of art you've ever wanted to see — up close and searchable' by Amit Sood. Google created a software to make museums accessible to people regardless of where they are, which is so cool. I love museums. In 2016, I went to 24 of them!”

Q: What are your aspirations for TEDxUF 2018, the tenth year of TEDxUF?

“I want to improve the attendee experience for the event as a whole. I want the people who attend them to really network with the community and with each other. Right now, we’re working on ways for that to happen and so that it feels organic and natural. We want you to leave with new ideas, new connections and new steps to move forward.”


Q: Favorite spot on campus?

A: “Plaza of the Americas – I love bringing a blanket and sitting on the grass.”

Q: Book you’re currently reading?

A: “’Murder on the Orient Express’ by Agatha Christie.”

Q: Favorite podcast at the moment?

A: “'A Piece of Work,' which explores contemporary art at the MoMA in New York.”

Q: Dream job?

A: “Digital Strategist.”

Q: Role Model?

A: “Sophia Amoruso. I’m all about girl power.”

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more blog posts, and keep your ears pealed for the TEDxUF theme reveal, coming soon.

To get more involved with TEDxUF, come to our next TEDxUF Club meeting on Oct.17 at 6:30 in Stuzin 101.

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