TEDxUF Group Art Exhibition

This December, TEDxUF will present its first art exhibition with the goal of sharing ideas worth spreading through art.

While verbal communication is often the most common way to exchange ideas, it is only one method in which a message is conveyed. Up until now, TEDxUF has solely focused on sharing ideas through spoken word and labs, but this year we go one step further. TEDxUF Art Exhibition will celebrate art as one more creative pathway that leads to the exchange of meaningful ideas.

We have collaborated with passionately curious individuals throughout the Gainesville community to speak through a diverse range of art forms, including visual art, music, dance, performance and film. On Dec. 2, 2016, this collective of artists will present original pieces at the Superfun! Gallery to illustrate art’s capacity for thoughtful communication.

All works represent each artist’s interpretation of this year’s TEDxUF theme, Transparent. Featured art will later be on display throughout the Curtis M. Phillip’s Center during our annual conference on April 1, 2017.

The TEDxUF Art Exhibition invites curiosity and challenges our perceptions as we explore unique interpretations of transparency.

Join us to continue sharing ideas worth spreading – through art.
Selected Artists:

Jennifer Adler
Alexandra Arielle
Donny Barth
Juana V. Diaz
Alyssa Dulay
Charles Ely
Ning Gao
Sofia Stella Hanabergh
Andrew E. Jordan
Kristina Kanaan
Kerol Kaskaviqi
Megan Kean
Erwin Laiho
Helen Lehrer
Rachael Lewis
Clara Lazarre
Ilyusha Mann
Marcela Mulholland
Kelsi Quicksall
Amanda Mishael Ruiz
Saint Tellah
Justin Tompkins
Andrea Ward

Contact for further inquiries:
TEDxUF Creative Director, Brittany Sgaliardich: brittsgal@ufl.edu

TEDxUF Group Art Exhibition:
Dec. 2 at Superfun Gallery
7 pm – 11 pm
2117 NW 6th St, Gainesville FL 32609

TEDxUF Club Presents: Metamorphosis of Self

Do you think you're quiet? Silly? Bold? Will you stay this way throughout your life? Or will your personality change over time? 

Join us November 3rd to explore the transformative concept of who we are as human beings and the continuous evolution of our personalities over time during our first panel event. We will feature perspectives from sexuality, mindfulness and personality psychology... All in the hope of causing you to think a little deeper about why you are the person that you are. 

Ticket registration will be Oct. 17.