A Letter from the curator

We all seek transparency in understanding the pieces of our lives. Whether with our bosses and coworkers or with our family and friends, transparency is often prized above all else as a virtue in relationships, even an essential ingredient for success. We search for transparent and clear relationships between ourselves and the world around us in order to find meaning in our lives as well-adjusted people. It is transparency that allows you to shine a light on your life and to see it clearly for what it is, yet it is also transparency that fools the eye into looking past what you expected to see so clearly.

At TEDxUF 2017, nine speakers will explore the idea of transparency, sharing experiences and new perspectives from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. This year we invite you to join us in seeking transparency, in shining a light on the most important questions we currently face. 

Alex Touchton TEDxUF 2017 Curator

Alex Touchton
TEDxUF 2017 Curator

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